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With That Being Said... Therapy Is Not a Dirty Word

Dec 29, 2017

Nearly every therapist fantasizes about creating a space where men are comfortable to openly discuss their feelings and  relationships. And this fall JAy-Z made all our dreams come true! Tune in to hearEsther and Erica  swoon over the 4:44 video as the men tackle topics like love, infidelity, masculinity, and...

Aug 25, 2017

Today we are joined by 4 smart, funny, and brutally honest college students for a frank discussion on what it means to really become an adult in the modern age. 


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Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation by Sally Hogshead

Want to get a free...

Aug 25, 2017

Today we are joined by entrepreneur Sequoia Blodgett, star of ABC Family's StartUp U and founder of 7AM Life.

Check out episodes of StartUp U online be sure to visit  You can also follow Sequoia on Twitter and Instagram.

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Ghettoized by Jill...

Aug 18, 2017


Today we are joined by Jodi Aman, therapist and author of You 1, Anxiety 0: win your freedom back from fear and panic.

Don't forget to follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more tips and encouragement to embrace what you feel on your journey to emotional freedom.


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Aug 11, 2017

Today we are joined by Mo Seetubtim, founder of the blog Brandmentalist and creator of The Happiness Planner.

Mo's passion for living with intention and passion is inspiring and the complex relationship with her parents bring a refreshing perspective to what could've been just another pretty blog.  Don't miss her...